"It works!

I lost 10 pounds within two weeks!! Finally a product that really works!!

Ellen, London

you too can lose weight with zerodiet

What is ZeroDiet?

ZeroDiet weight loss magnets utilise Auricular acupressure, which is similar to acupuncture but without piercing the skin. Through safe, fast natural weight loss therapy, our products will help you reach your ideal weight.

And keep to it!

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How to use the magnets

To start the ZeroDIET natural weight loss therapy, position the two magnets on the left ear 3 or 4 times a day for about half an hour each time.


the magnets will stay in the correct position by magnetic attraction.

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How to order

Order your ZeroDiet kit for a single payment of only £45.95 
For life long weight control.

(1 kit consists of 2 magnets and one instructions book to help follow the therapy)

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Years of research and development have gone into manufacturing ZeroDiet natural weight loss products. We are protected by a worldwide patent. Our weight loss magnets are highly technical and scientific medical devices, designed to control safe, fast natural weight loss through acupressure, based on acupuncture. Our products have gone through independent clinical trials which prove their effectiveness, and have FDA approval in the USA. Our ZeroSmoke product has the European stop smoking council approval.